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What is Digital 1 NFT?

Digital 1 NFT is a NFT Record Label that consists of hybrid virtual-physical artists. Its main goal is to develop metastars with a backstory, around which the virtual label and entertainment studio revolve

How does an NFT record label work?

An NFT record label guarantees music artists complete ownership of their unique songs and recordings by providing them a certificate of ownership of the asset. You must also note that with NFT labels, the owner of the NFT is the person who has the exclusive right to control the work and dictate how it’s used. In terms of the music itself, NFTs are available as a format, alongside other traditional formats such as vinyl, CDs and MP3s and so on. In addition to music NFTs, music fans can expect other digital assets, such as digital merchandise and art to accompany the releases, as well as metaverse performances and music videos.

How do I NFT my music?

There are special exchanges for creating an NFT of your recordings. To create an NFT of your music, simply submit your recording to Digital 1 NFT platform, and we will help you get it on the blockchain. Alternatively, we will do all the work for you and sell directly on an NFT market platform.

Why would i use Digital 1 NFT to release my NFT?

Digital 1 NFT will handle the process and setting up the NFT into the market place. There is a cost involved in creating music NFTs, as there is still a price for Ethereum gas fees, which are the cost to compute and record a transaction on the blockchain, and NFT marketplace fees for listing and selling work.
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